This topic of discussion may not be accepted by many because they feel that it is wrong. We are not attacking the people who attend these types of churches or the pastors as human beings. We are against the doctrines of the pastors who choose to teach under these doctrines because they are Hirelings (See the Gospel of John chapters 10-13) only seeking payment and/or employment who preach whatever they are told to by evil congregations who would rather hear feel good sermons and not the true message of the Meshiach. We are attacking the teachings and the traditions of men that Satan has injected into the minds of the people of the world. In order to see clearly the differences one has to boldly show (as we have done here), each false doctrine and literally hold it next to the Biblical Scripture so no one can claim they don’t understand nor they can’t see what is being explained to them. We hope that this teaching will spread like a wild fire in a forest, convicting those who are in error, correcting those who want the truth, upsetting those who are opposed to the truth; and delivering a fatal blow to Satan that will injure him, decrease confusion, rescue those who have been led away by the errors of the wicked and finally bringing the churches of GOD into true unity. We will not apologize, run or change our teachings for anyone. We have no fear, no guilt, no worry of what Satan or the world will say about “Us” or do to us because God YAHUAH/ YeShaYahuw The Lord Most Vehement when he returns will defend us to the end. We will obey GOD YAHUAH and do as He does in every manner; and as He has done this and so has all the apostles of The Messiah! SO SHALL WE!

Psalms 149:5-9 5 Let the saints be joyful in glory; Let them sing aloud on their beds. 6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand, 7 To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples; 8 To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron; 9 To execute on them the written judgment— This honor have all His saints.
Praise the LORD!

So let it be written…So let it be done!

Our Lesson begins:

It is through a long extensive research that we have compiled and studied these doctrines to find the errors. However, we must first know the truth and the truth has set “Us” free. Therefore, in the Meshiach we have the YAHUAH's God given privilege of teaching the truth to others so that they may be set free as well from the bondage that Satan has placed on their minds.  In the Chart you see we do have some comments concerning idolatrous doctrines, but our real focus is on false-christ doctrines. The bible makes it real clear that there are only three types of people in the world as you see noted in red print will distinguish both non-believers of Christ and false christian Doctrines; and in green print the True Worshippers of Christ!

The quote from Zechariah 13:7-9 as is this copied text shows that 2/3rds of humanity will be reserved for destruction while the 1/3rd is reserved for eternity with God and Christ. This is sound because Satan drawing 1/3rd of the angels to hell with him will need 2/3rds to complete a whole kingdom for himself to be destroyed in the lake of fire and God keeping the 2/3rds of the angels only needs 1/3rd of humanity to complete His Holy Kingdom for the New Heaven and the New earth for eternity. So anyone really wanting salvation had better make sure he/she are in the right doctrine.....to be in right standing with God YAHUAH.

In examining this scripture it is a fact of truth that it is important to be taught well the truth and to worship THE TRUE GOD YAHUAH as he told us to do so and NOT in any manner we decide to benefit our own desires.

7“ Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd, Against the Man who is My Companion,” Says the LORD of hosts.

(See also Mark 24:1-28 focusing on 27-28)

“ Strike the Shepherd, And the sheep will be scattered; Then I will turn My hand against the little ones. 8 And it shall come to pass in all the land,” Says the LORD,
“ That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die,

But one-third shall be left in it:       

9 I will bring the one-third through the fire, Will refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them. I will say, ‘This is My people’; And each one will say, ‘The LORD is my God.’”

NON-BELIEVER WORSHIP a 1/3rd of the idolatrous doctrines already condemned for believing Gods testimony of His Son and rejecting his laws

It is not really necessary to discuss the details of non-Christ believing worship. Although, these doctrines in themselves do have some sound principles for life’s everyday problems just as Christian teaching does. Even still, they are viewed as idolatrous in comparison to the bible because they do not accept Yahushua as the Meshiach. Therefore, according to scripture due to the denial of The Messiah who died for the sins of the world and who is God Yahuah, the Creator in the flesh, the Savior of their souls they forfeit salvation due to unbelief. Yet, to ignore some of their philosophies concerning life that are really practical, is absurd because one can learn from the cultures and traditions that influence all of them.

Judaism An Erred doctrine:  Concerning the Orthodox, Reformed, and Consevative Jewish doctrines, they have the scriptures of the Old Testament and are right to the teachings of it. Yet, it is their denial of the scriptures and the prophesies that concern the coming of the Messiah and the acceptance of Yahushua as the Meshiach of which Christianity was developed from, that they receive chastisement from God due to unbelief and rejecting Son and thus the Father.(stated in Romans 3 and 4).

Islam: These are the  descendants of Abraham, Ishmael, and Esau, the brother of Jacob.The Edomites and the Israelites share the same historic culture according to biblical scripture. They possessed some of the same laws of the Jews and Christians, but also rejecting some other laws and rewriting them for themselves. They pervert the scriptures to suit their own desire for the cultures and tradition of their own development in order to justify the misuse of violence to the Jews and any other opposing nation and claim it as religious belief. Not only this, the name “Allah” No.427 of the Hebrew and Chaldean Dictionary (In the  Strong's Concordance) defines this word meaning oak tree. The words “Alah” No’s. 421-423 is defined as (noun)a curse and (verb)to curse. This was never a name for God. Our Father YAHUAH is basically a God of blessing when we are obedient to Him.  

Atheism: Atheist are obstinate to the belief of any God. Thus, making man the god of his ownself. They are usually very intelligent people, yet the bible declares them fools because they deny the physical evidences that there is a real GOD, Yahuah The Creator. They tend to rely solely on proven scientific data to validate their belief, but forget that God is the creator of the science they claim to possess. Unlike the mystic (a religious fool who denies scientific knowledge), they are known as Intellectual fools who deny spiritual knowledge. If the Mystic and the Atheist would come together in unity they would be whole as True Believers.

Anonymous groups AA, CA, etc: These very helpful organizations that help addicts of all kinds has proven to be useful. They help mankind find sobriety, peace and life in the present. Yet, Satan doesn’t care about this life as far as living. Satan’s concern is, to cause one to lose his eternal soul. So he does not care necessarily how you live as long as you deny God, try to minimize God or share gods with God, and so, Satan knowing that God will reject the individual who attempts to use these forms of rejection to the scriptures. Truth be told, anyone can find sobriety, but only ONE can give eternal life. It does no good to gain sobriety and yet lose your soul. Yahushua asked, “WHAT WILL A MAN GIVE IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS SOUL”? The answers to this question is not limited to material things.

Buddhism, Confucianism and etc isms and schisms:

Just to name a few, (there are hundreds of beliefs systems).

No matter how corrupt or morally correct these type of religions may be or teach, the fact still remains that Salvation is not attained through good works alone. They must be coupled with Faith in Yahushua's death on the cross and follow the principles that GOD YAHUAH  has ordered for all mankind.   

In this careful examination you will learn to column the issues as we have done here or you can copy the text onto separate pieces of paper and hold them next to one another so you can compare fully seeing the difference between what the bible says and what false doctrine is teaching. Go to our other web pages to study each particular doctrine that claims the name of Yahushua, but is not of the Messiah. They are a continuation of this teaching on false doctrines.


 Teaches the Bible correctly in order to save souls and create a Holy Nation!

FALSE CHRIST DOCTRINES 2/3rd Having the primary 1/3 destroyed ATHEISTIC TEACHINGS that either Deny Yahuah God and/or Yahusha or the secondary 1/3 destroyed False-christianic doctrines, Varied and Erred Teaching

Condemned for perverting the word of GOD for their own use.

So now, we will discuss all the reasons as to why all the variety of doctrines have been created and how Satan has deceived the whole world. Yet, we have to remember, that Satan does not have to work so hard with some, because we deceive ourselves also.

The reason most of the idolatrous religions exist is, because they existed long before the Jewish Faith had been formed. This does not mean that no one knew God. It just means that the name of God YAHUAH was not called upon as other lineages developed who did not teach it; mostly from Cains decendants, and others from Seth who turned away from faith such as the decendants of Esau and Moab; also due the sin of the world at those times, God had distant Himself because he won't be in the presence of sin. So over time as people moved on in life, the awareness of God began to dwindle until years  later after Abraham's time that Joseph is now in Egypt and shows the wisdom of God in himself and begins to rule the earth at that time. There Egypt learns of God, but idolatry is still practiced. Joseph now dies, then there arises a king that did not know Joseph or His God 430 years later and placed the children of Israel into bondage. Later again, God fulfilling His prophesy to Abraham rescues the children of Israel through Moses and God Makes himself known again. Now another 430 years pass after the prophet Malichi. Again God distances Himself from the sin of the the Nation of Israel. Later again an angel introduces Himself to Zechariah the priest and his wife Elizabeth, thus God fulfilling another prophecy,The coming of the Forerunner(John) and THE COMING of THE MESHIACH. So one can only imagine what mankind did to find some form of worship during those two 430 year gaps; because it's in our god given nature to worship someone higher than ourselves, but we keep trying to worship created things rather than the CREATOR! 


Now on the topic of False Christ Doctrines we get to see things a little more serious. These doctrines came to be because of a lot of reasons.


#1 Reason

God's law is direct. It's no more different if it has 2 commands (Adam and Eve's time in the garden) or 10 (during the Exodus) . In any case, they are to be obeyed! One does not get to pick and choose which one they like and which ones they don't. If you just look around, you can find any one individual who will have a problem with one or more of Gods commands or teachings. Instead of submitting to it, they find some sort of intellectual excuse to cover the guilt and therefore disobey it. Well in order to do this successfully, they find others who feel the same way about the same issues, and they agree amongst themselves they are right! Now if 2, 3, 4, then 40 false witnesses (unreliable) that agree together and they grow into a faction or otherwise known as a cult. They convince themselves asking "well how can so many people be wrong and you (one person) be right? The Prophet Elijah (was one man) stood before 430 Baal worshippers and 400 erred Levite priest (supposedly of God who thought they were right, but also toyed with Ashera worship) and God Yahuah showed up on the behalf of ElijahUnderstand this well! YOU CANNOT PAC-RAT UPON GOD AND GET YOUR WAY. THERE IS NO COUNSEL THAT WILL STAND AGAINST HIM! Usually the (people) Congregations do this to themselves.


# 2 Other reasons are: pride, elitism, egotism (not ego-strengh), greed, selfish ambition, of which the Apostle Paul laid out in his teachings. This is where you will find a gross misuse of the word and a horrible twisting of the word (which usually originates from the preachers themselves) to make profit from the (sheep) congregations.


#3 and the worst is: Church Division! This is where they don't even care about the message that is being preached they just like the pastor. I am a white man so I only want to hear white man preach to me. I am a black man so I only want to hear black man preach to me. I am an Indian, Mexican, Drug Addict, etc.  And so saying "I only want to hear someone who is exactly like me-preach to me" becomes a useful phrase for them. This sort of prejudice goes all the way from race, to age, and to dwelling places. They are no different from gang associations such as Bloods, Crips, AB's and they try to make God in their image (you name it) and then have the nerve to profess the name of Christ! So now just make a numbered count of what Gods requirements are and that will tell you how many different doctrines will be created to avoid the conviction of their disobedient and wicked hearts.

Did He not tell us, GOD/JESUS, as it says in Matthew



I "DO NOT SEE" anywhere in the BIBLE where HE said go therefore and teach "SOME" or NONE of the commands or "ADD TO"or Take away the commands I have given you, or make up some of your ideas and make DEVILS.

I think we all know what the last few verses of Revelations says about adding and subtracting from Gods word; it means to change the TENOR of the meaning of the word and pervert its purpose and you the individual (a lying prophet) causing some to be condemned. It does not mean it's wrong to para-phrase it in order to help some understand it and be saved.

We hope this sheds some light on the subject and we will be posting teachings on all doctrines that are in error and publishing them on-line as you will see them in our navigation bar on the web-site.

Thank you for time and visiting this site.



always puts a bad taste in everyones mouth!